3 hours sleep per night …?

My brother said, was a time, he slept only three hours per night and that was enough for him and he felt good. I thought it was fake, we can not live “good” if one does not sleep enough, ie at least about 7/8 hours a night. But he really seemed to feel fine.Now I divorce, and I am getting huge worries. What keeps me awake my full night (sometimes I wake up at 2 am, sometimes at 4 times now and at 1 am, and I can not get back to sleep. Often, I even obliged to get up, and … I iron clothes, I put, etc … trying to go back to bed 2/3 hours later (knowing that I work full time and I am obliged to stand at 7 am to get to work on time (Secretary). And I almost never redors, I can not do it. Sometimes I take sleeping pills, but knowing that divorce is not totally finished and that it may become more serious later, I avoid take more than 2 tablets a week. So, three hours sleep per night (I try to sleep after the movie in the evening around 10 and if I wake up at 1 am, I sleep only three hours a night, like you), is that enough? Of course not, it is not enough. But I think if we can not do otherwise, if you really can not sleep more than three hours a night (plus you, you sleep the day, me neither, I’m at work, I can not). Well I think the body and the mind must suffer the consequences, and we must be careful not to be unbalanced, because it still has to unbalance the person (if only a little) . Above all, I think we need to eat well, eat meat at every meal (lunch and dinner) as well as vegetables and fruits (vitamins). And supplements are not useless (vitamins stamp, etc). Otherwise, I feel good, a little tired, but fine. But even on the weekend, I can not sleep in spite of my lack of sleep, I can not, I have to get up. I advise you to take occasionally sleeping pills like me, when you have very important things to do tomorrow (interrogation, control, meeting with your superior, important work and very tiring, or the other way).  But beware, do not become independent to sleeping pills and I advise you not to take every day, not just once or twice a week.

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