Brown tasks between the thighs how to make them disappear?

I hope you can help me if some or some of you is the same problem as me.
I have brown spots between the thighs ready sex rubbing my thighs c is not super brown but compared to the rest of my body is not the same color and bothers me. Would you have a solution to remove these brown spots. I heard of a lightening cream called AMELAN you have already tested ?? and how long those tasks will they disparaîtrent Please give me your help. Note that I am pretty clear skin.  that’s the rub thighs it will not be simple, you can still try the following recipe: mix a spoonful of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and a spoonful spoonful of water. You mix everything and you apply with a cotton rubbing on task. You apply once a day, preferably at night with clean skin. It takes patience, it does not hand in a few days. Try to wear pants or tights to not rub the thigh.  You shall take weight but unsightly and totally uncontrolled way !!!
Their goal is to form by taking the mass, which is weight training model !!!
Better to eat rich (meat, eggs, sauce dishes , lipids and proteins in general) for only thicken !!!
Nutritional supplements are not harmless: Dangers of Creatine: * It is almost impossible to find pure creatine. The majority of products labeled “creatine” contain done steroids, anabolic steroids, growth hormones or even amphetamines. * The studies do not yet decide on the dangers of excess creatine. But it is now on a significant number of kidney failure and Kidney cancer is attributable to a regular intake of creatine ..  These spots are due to the fact that the one who puts his head between your thighs are earrings that are not gold.
Must be removed before (earrings)  Personally, I did that for 4 months, the first week is a bit harsh, but then you get used to.
For against your corp suffers, I have lost 10 kg and when you stop for again through the night, it’s hard, because you have all the accumulated fatigue and cravings you sleep all the time.
Your body rebels saying stop at some point.
Now it also depends on who assimilates better.  Sees rather on the side of your dreams …
If not, you shook unbalanced!
It has to sleep a certain number of hours,
and that’s a fact! resting, both for the body and for the mind ..
The body, the mind of the cosmos depends ,, the laws of the land
and to be good in life, we must be in tune with these cycles, the condition!  In the medium and long term, this is not good for the physiology of your body, even if your brain gets used to it. By not respecting the sleep cycle or the minimum rest period, you play with your health. If it goes wrong, everything else will follow. Ménages- you! 

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