Can a man lifting heavy weights with very thin arms in appearance?

While being away from the canons of weight training and bodybuilding, a man can he build muscles by lifting relatively heavy weights between 50 and 100 kg such as his arms do not seem so developed than it looks? The look has nothing ay see. Muscles can grow in width or length. A large and rather thin, but who trains regularly, can perfectly ridiculous quelq’un more stocky and very visible muscles. morphology has nothing to do with physical strength …  Yes you can, but you risk offending you the muscles, damaging your back and uncouple you something … If you lift heavy loads, you will come to “tweak” your muscles but when you will stop your training, they will tend to “deflate”, that’s why body builders are so often muscu room … If you want sustainable action, take lighter loads and make more sessions . Dozens of men in swimsuits, Afghan followers of bodybuilding, exhibited in turn their bulging muscles on the podium of a stage of the Soviet era Wednesday in Kabul, in the final of the contest for the election of Mr Afghanistan.


In total, nearly 500 competitors from 28 of 34 provinces participated in this competition in this discipline that is becoming increasingly popular in Afghanistan.
During the Taliban regime, most sports were banned, and as music. Bodybuilding was tolerated in terms that men wear traditional dress during training.   In areas controlled by the Taliban they organized a competing event, “Mr Islam.” The participants proudly display their long beards grown with love, they are able, we appreciate the silky and density.  He really should not have anything to do with her ​​days to be interested in that and to come here to publish something as useless. Here, I’m going to start: “George Aminel, French doubler Darth Vader, was also that of Sylvester. Your feedback?”  I measure 1m73 and weighs 65 kg I’m doing abs for 2months and a half d in doing 3 times a day and 50 normal abs with bent legs but my abs are barely visible do you recommend for my program?  

In the 50’s they were called Beefcake, there were lots of reviews it seems, that allowed the homos unofficially to rinse the eye ………… here’s a photo, you n ace just look you’ll find lascivious scenes, muscled guys in those years, a mixture of sweat, of masculine aestheticism, abandon the ancient Greek etc . I could be very unpleasant, but holiday season … I decline.
I practice sports ANY nor do watches on TV. I do not play any play station or other machine of its kind.
I do not bike, do not run, do not cast up, not going in any sports store … in short, if one day all sports should disappear, I would not even know about.
By cons, when I’m with my friend, I give myself a marathon runner, I do not pretend, then, you see, I’m not sporty, but

Good buttocks damned hungry anyway. I do not see the connection, this is not the sport that makes a man, but his way of assuming its responsibilities ……
And believe months I know many athletes who do not provide much in bed as unsporting, so what you say mean absolutely nothing.

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