Cod oil faith augmante she muscle mass?

There’s el proteins that the carbohydrates to gain muscle, as its name indicates the cod liver oil is the huile.Et … I think fat you do not want .It contains vitamin D and other beneficial elements such as for the flexibility of the muscles of the envelope, so indirectly it can to some extent help you in your approach but are made up of protéines.Ajoute tesmuscles to your diet a “whey” for example, or another good source of protein and if you seek to gain weight a “gainer” or “weight gainer”Cod liver oil, “remedy” used for decades and in children, has real virtues. It contains substances that inhibit pain and inflammatory phenomena that accompany arthritis. Indeed, specific fatty acids inhibit the action of certain enzymes in the cartilage, one responsible for the synthesis of inflammatory substances. Today cod liver oil can be absorbed in the form of tablets instead of the spoonful that children swallow disgust. The oil extracted from cod liver helps the growth and intellectual development of children. It is particularly rich in essential fatty acids Omega-3. It is also recommended in case of osteoporosis or fracture.

Now comes two weeks that I started bodybuilding, and it so happens that I have a bad sleep, I wake up several times at night and I had some difficulty to go back to sleep … I think that 2 weeks is too early to talk about overtraining, plus ca I only 3 sessions of 1h 45min-week. (usually around 11am, or 14h-15h) The nutrition not seem to be the problem, I do not eat enormously (carbohydrates) before going to bed. If someone has an idea where can ca come … thank you! I practice bodybuilding: is your weight? I am almost like you “time” and “duration”!
I confess to have no problem sleeping, bodybuilding requesting a minimum of 8 hours of good sleep a night, but it’s done alone, of course !.
… Your sleep problems must come from something else: perhaps your worries? ? Your work makes you tired There may be several reasons for poor sleep!
The practice of yoga can be a great alternative!
… Also play Melatonin: it is the sleep hormone; it is therefore safe, being perfectly natural!(this is not a drug, I might add you well!)
… You could also try before you sleep, to lying on your bed a few minutes of total relaxation.(This is yoga!) This is your body moving reviewed, starting with the head, and ending with the feet: by relaxing the As, every muscle, every organ of your body:
” I ls relaxes brain and nerve cells of my brain, my forehead, my right ear, my left ear, my chin, my neck, etc.

 If you give me your private email, I can give you a complete description of this extremely effective relaxation technique: Here it would be too long!
I wish you to find very quickly a deep sleep, and many restful This is important, especially if you regularly do the Strength!
NB: You’re sports: and, like all true sport, you have certainly no need to consult a doctor, as you advise some people, they must be sporting “as my feet” !!!
Your physical activity Strength you must “regulate” naturally and allow you normally excellent sleep without that you have for this, need a remedy “in medical”! Sure!
… Especially as thou art more at first, since you told us that it’s been a good month you practice regularly !!!

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