Coproprieté work on private space?

the trustee can impose you anything.
The general meeting must vote the work before they were made.
If all the specifications submitted by the trustee contain sealing, the guard rails and tiling, you may vote against or so ask that only the sealing is done. for balcony railings, you can accept that only those that are damaged should be replaced. Of course all owners will pay. It happened in my condominium: Some balconies were damaged, the trustee offered to redo all that we refused despite estimates presented that concerned the whole building and we decided to do repair the damaged balconies. If the balconies are private areas (to see in the condominium regulations) the trustee may impose no work on it. just impose rules on aesthetics to not harm the building unit. 

This kind of work will vote in a general meeting. So you can discuss the relevance of the work and to remove part. However, in terms of balcony railings. Normally “the look” of the facade must not be changed without a permit contruire. This implies two things in this case: – if it does not change that part of the body guards, they will have to be identical to those found on the rest of the building. A statement of work is then sufficient (it may not even be necessary). – If you change all the fences and have a different model, we then modified the facade and must dice when a building permit with the induced time … In any case, no general meeting your trustee could impose work ONLY if there was danger. Which from your description is not the case. At least for all fences. If the work has already been voted the other hand you can not oppose you.

As for the price of tiles, though it may seem expensive at first glance, to be taken into account in that the surface is very small. There are at least half a day’s work … more métériaux This price does not seem alarming.  It has to be voted at the collective level … hence the importance of being a representative …
If it’s already voted, you can do your bow.
If they do not vote , you must assert your claims.
Finally, I remember, it goes like this .  Apparently (view source), the balconies are actually considered public areas. Therefore, if the work is passed in AG there is little recourse unless the administrative court. 

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