Funeral rites among Zoroastrians?

Zoroastrians deceased could not be incinerated, buried etc .. then we placed them on “Towers of Silence” to be skinned by vultures. I know he nya no difference between being eaten by worms and vultures. … I just wanted to know if this practice still exists, and what is the idea behind, and what’s the purpose? I do not understand it, because since ancient times we tend to want to keep a traces of the dead by burying them or by their ashes …. Especially as funeral rites are the main testimonies of civilization, this practice leaves no identifiable trace for archaeological research.  The idea of Ismail is appealing. The most common explanation is found in several sources, and that: – the cremation is prohibited not to defile the fire with the dead body – is the burial prohibits not defile the land. Indeed, once the soul is gone, the body is only a shell at best, at worst (we are in a dualistic religion), the dead body is pure materiality So under the influence of evil forces. (and so I understand that the dead body should not pollute the sacred elements) The Towers of Silence are being dispaition. He must stay at least one activity in Mumbai, India (Parsis). From what I read on a site, the vultures are no longer present, which is a problem (information to be verified).   it is the spirit that makes the man, not the body. But Zoroaster lived there 800 or 1000 years BC! This is somehow the “original”! The doctrine proposed by Zoroaster (Zoroastrianism or Zoroastrianism) took a long time before spreading. Intellectual depth of his system exerted a great influence on the Judeo-Christian doctrines (influence mentioned in the Manual of Discipline found among the rolls of the Dead Sea) and philosophically in the West (in Germany: on Nietzsche: as demonstrates his essay “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” (ethical dualism between good and evil) Pour apple juice thumb and d`un apple cider quarter inch, stir well, and drink every night before bedtime for a month without taking anything after. If it works not the first time, wait two weeks and redo financial year. for me and many of my friends, it was miraculous. it’s true that 3 out of 7 million is very little but if our baby is in these 3 will be serious anyway ^^ there are ways to avoid it, then they do so despite all, even if the risks are low for the baby I automatically immunized by my mother, my son are by me, I love raw meat, I would have been difficult to do without it is like the vaccine, it is there to avoid the worst, then it is used if a woman is not immune, so avoid being avoiding certain foods, right? a pregnant woman is more fragile and mug bcp easier dirt lurking 

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