Future US President Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 63, former governor of California who managed spent bodybuilding in Austria Hollywood Terminator twice before becoming governor in the US, plans a return on his native continent, Europe. However, it will not return nor bodybuilder movie star, but as we advised him, President of the European Union. the US Constitution prevents it, it must not be to the US to be elected president, this is why some try to prove that Obama is abroad, it has the publish his birth certificate to prove that his birthplace is Hawaii, USA !!! 

To those who took the GINSENG?

Ginseng By its origins, is often credited with properties “magic”, based on its traditional use, from Asia. But what are the real effects on the body and on performance?Consuming Ginseng s ‘quickly spread in sport, particularly in some disciplines such as running, athletics, sports, fighting, strength sports (weightlifting, bodybuilding).

This active ingredient has fallen (too) in the commercial field and comes in several different forms: capsules, tablets, vials, powders, teas … Unfortunately, the allocated properties sometimes based (often) no scientifically established property. COMPOSITION AND PROPERTIES:Properties are assigned to the roots, which contain multiple active ingredients: -. Hormones such as estrogen, responsible for side effects in women. – Enzymes, particularly digestive(amylase). – Stimulating substances (heart stimulants and basal metabolism) – Hypnotic substances – fatty acids, some of which have the property of enhancing the balance of cholesterol metabolism. – vitamins (B1, B12) and trace elements – Sugars, glucosides, which stimulate the synthesis of adrenaline, and contribute to the effects “exciting.” – resins.References to Article Author (s): Dr. F. Maton Published: 31.03.06 Reading: All PublicDocument (s) partner (s) Bibliography Read also return key properties: – Stimulation many metabolisms: protein synthesis, enzyme regulation – Action hypoglycemic – contradictory effects on the central nervous system (excitation or inhibition), which can induce positive effects (improved concentration, mood, stress resistance and fatigue) or negative (insomnia, tremors, irritability). – Decreased feeling hungry?

WHAT OBSERVATIONS THE SPORTS No stimulating effect on performance has now been demonstrated why Ginseng is not on the list of products prohibited. The effects appear dependent on the amount consumed and are highly variable from one individual to another. Often regarded (wrongly) as harmless, it can expose to difficulties of adaptation energy, promoting hypoglycemia, and decreased appetite.The neurological effects are paradoxical. If they can sometimes help to fight against fatigue, nothing will replace an adaptation of the drive. The neurological stimulation can also disrupt sleep quality, stress management capacity. When antioxidant properties, they do not fall into no scientific observation. INDICATIONS: Indication “official” Vidal: Ginseng is a method used in traditional herbal medicine for the symptomatic treatment of functional asthenia, currently demonstrated in the absence of specific activity. Indications for use: Overwork, stress everyday life. Physical Asthenia. autonomic disorders of menopause (hot flashes).Prevention of cerebral aging, memory and sleep disorders in the elderly. WHAT HAZARD?Side effects: While many have allocated effects unproven, some side effects by against clearly established, particularly in cases of overdose: – Amenorrhoea, breast congestion in women – Excitement CNS: insomnia, confusion, tremors … – Hypotension. – Diarrhea morning, rash skin. – Cerebral arteritis. Possible side effects: – hypertension –

PregnancyCONCLUSION:. The effects allocated to Ginseng often appear exaggerated and lead to overdoses and side effects In sports, the positive effects on performance and recovery are far from systematic. Ginseng consumption responds to specific indications, and should under no circumstances be systematic to wait a natural unquestionable benefit. The allegations of “divine herb”, “elixir of life and power”, “plant longevity “, that commercial like to put forward are not founded. Its traditional use should not be a reference to expect miraculous effects, either on health or performance.

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