How to cure a post-menstrual depression without treatment?

I have a cycle of the rules that is short of 24 days accompanied by pains SEVERAL with depressive signs such as: dark thoughts, optimism with respect to the future, a remarkable restlessness, etc …. I suffers every month. I suggest you find yourself a good homeopath. Such as homeopathy treats the person and not the disease, it will be suitable for your physical but also psychological needs. The results are quite rapid and sustainable and do not interact with your current medication if applicable.You can also try changing your diet: Reduce salt and drink lots of water (swelling and fluid retention) alcohols, sugars, coffee and chocolate. Increase consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, vegetables, fruits, whole grains) Some say that reducing red meat consumption also help. . Also in bowel regularity Exercise regularly (aerobic) can also help. In terms of plants: Someone recommends massage lower abdomen with Clary Sage essential oil (15 drops in 1 tbsp.) which is great. A few drops in the navel also help reduce cramping. Please do not use in pregnancy (abortion). In herbalism now: The chaste tree (vitex agnus castus) works as much physical as psychological symptoms such as depression and irritability. The black cohosh, St. John’s wort, gingko biloba and evening primrose oil (excellent) also. There are some medicines that combine several of these plants very well and act on the symptoms that occur with the rules. Some of these products can interact with conventional drugs and it is important to mention any treatment you follow your health-advisor. At supplements: Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E are to be examined for possible deficiencies (consult a health professional) Some relaxation exercises, yoga can also help reduce stress, voter nervousness and dark thoughts. Good luck Yassoura! There is hope for you, just by changing your life plan, you again become mistress of your rules and your body. If you have further questions, please. Regards, Mary JHomeopath  Is a great thing flaxseed oil capsules and MILLPERTUIS oil, both are rich in Omega 3 and 6 more, but also soy milk rich in estrogen.
Do not forget to massage you down belly with sage essential oil clary HEBBD three times a day when you have your period, it is also very effective but especially DILUTE it with sweet almond oil.
You tell me news mentruelle of your post-Depression!  You have to get your fill of magnesium and iron, chocolate (also good for morale) or pharmacy vitamin cures already help you a bit! 

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