I’m on a diet that you advise me ?

The regime is serious business with which one can not joke!
A few simple rules can help you to quickly find what god body that makes us all fantasize:
– Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables a day: Alternating it can give fruit juice in the morning, noon fried rice and why not at night (that’s three) if we add the raspberries in gold and chocolate straws in the BN there is (LE chocolate is a vegetable so it goes as part of the 5 portions !!!!)
– NEVER mix alcohol: The aperos to the aperitif, wine during the meal, the digestive ever before coffee.
NEVER mix appetizers (2): Peanuts with pistachio and almonds but no sofa Picard simultaneously in the mouth if not fat storage butter spreadability
– Avoid salads: too risky because of the vinaigrette
– Avoiding boiled fish: too fat because butter butler or olive oil
– Avoid fruit that is packed with sugar


Coproprieté work on private space?

Avoid too much water: it causes edema Voila, I fed me pasta and rice I drink aquavit: j Have a Dream body all year  . A DUBLE Cheessburger extra cheese, extra ketchup + bacon thereafter: your pizza 4 cheese seems to me well, but at least 5 cm thick. Think of putting Gouda. For dessert a good pot of double cream of Gruyère meringé seems to me excellent for digestion.Decorated with a good 3 Litre Coca AC should do the trick .  You can choose at your ease! Provided, of course, drink a large glass of vinegar after your meal. You do that with every meal and you will see in a few days (hours ??), you will have melted like snow the sun! Good luck and congratulations!  If you really want to be reasonable I advise you:
Input: a Döner supplement Feta
In Best of main course accompanied by his Royal Pizza
Then a good cheese board
and finally a Banana Split
All accompanied by an appetizer and peanut I am sure that with this you have a perfect body and girls are bound to backfire on you 

On the occasion of the tightness of making concrete balconies of our structures, our trustee would impose the change of all balcony railings on the grounds that some (who have not been maintained by their owner) are dangeux. It also would impose tiling over 550 € to 6M.(all the work allocated to thousandths)
he has the right to impose these supplements, because we are all agreed tightness, but many are against changing the railings (including those who did have not, and those who have maintained their own).

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