Is an exciting Vitamin C? Can “upset”?

Vitamin C awakens, gives tone but not exciting. In the poor oranges today, you do not find a lot of vitamin C, they are all pesticidées, picked unripe, therefore not having acquired their carbohydrates and vitamins in maturity and I advise you to take the C ester surcharge. . Vitamin C is disinfectant, healing, and helps repair wounds and fractures.She is capable, eliminating many viruses and I need you to swallow the equivalent of 5o oranges to reach the 500 mg dosage. I can quote you here all the benefits of Vita C but everyone in need in his body  Vitamin C is not an exciting and has no effect on the nervous system.
It has no effect on alertness nor on resistance to infection or fatigue.
It is only arguments commercial that come from a very aggressive marketing from the USA.
Vitamin C is a Co enzyme falling in the metabolism of ATP production in the mitochondria.  Vitamin C is not recommended at night because it’s actually an exciting and you risk to have trouble getting to sleep. Guard your oranges for the morning, it will allow you to have a full alarm tone and mood.  This comes from a famous duel, which was authorized by King Henry II to stand before the whole Court of France, between two rival lords: the Count de Jarnac and Mr. de la Chataigneraie. Mr La Chataigneraie was a robust man with enough stature as the Comte de Jarnac was a rather frail physique with short stature, too, in the heart of this duel, all thought Mr La Chataigneraie would win, gold is the opposite happened and caused the surprise of the Court of France. The Count of Jarnac, succeeded in defeating his rival with a sword he carried at Jaret or knurled (I do not know too well) of his opponent, severing him probalement one of the largest vein in the body a human at that point and Mr. La Chataigneraie was soon give up the ghost.
This duel or we expected a very different result when the person who will be defeated and the sword Count of Jarnac employed to defeat his rival, are to be remembered and since, in memory, called “stab” the opposite result from what is expected.
Note additionally that nowadays the title of Count Jarnac is still wearing the same family, that of Chabot, who since she inherited in 1648 the Duchy-Peerage of Rohan, is named Rohan-Chabot. It is in a younger branch of the family de Rohan-Chabot, that has perpetuated the title. 

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