Is boxing techniques have improved compared to the 70?

Add to this the fact that it looks like bodybuilding is their favorite sport, stamp their highs, it seems that their absorption of doping products increases with the chest and on the organization that is fighting in the hands of notorious thugs in the pay of the Mafia. It gives boxing today.
No more Marciano, Mohamed Ali, the Laszlo Papp’s Graziano, Joe Louis and Marvelous Marvin Hagler … the of techniques have remained the same, is how to train have changed !!!
I think like you that boxing was better before !!!

I’m swimming three times a week and each session I swim at least 700M
wanted to know if sava help me lose weight or at least appear
slimmer? If you pay attention to your diet, yes; I practice bodybuilding, and it’s the same: Any physical activity, swimming, running, bodybuilding, etc., for the specific energy expenditure, and sometimes violent that you impose to your body tends to make you “throw yourself on food “; this is a normal physiological response, the body tends to stuff yourself, to offset the expenditure of energy.
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What kind of training we talking about?

Here I have a relatively muscular friend who showed me Technical SA:
You know bodybuilding poses, so he practice by forcing the maximum and repeating the same movements. For example, he’ll close his arms very slowly and all his muscles tense up, he sweats and goes through the whole range of colors … it looks like it’ll peter a hose. He will do the same thing in different pause and it seems to do well because it does not use an altered or exercise machine and its results are more than respectable. How is called this kind of training and what are the counter indications or precautions? Your friend uses the technique bodybuilders on stage before their passing.It uses the maximum contraction in the muscles by bringing a significant blood flow. They say its congested muscles.

By cons I have doubts when you write it this way muscle. If he does that is previously he already has some muscle mass and has related experience …
A beginner does not.  We can not just build muscles by taking poses!
If the muscle does not encounter any resistance, it will not fit.
Your friend is clearly making fun of you, it should probably go to the gym.

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