Is forgiveness easier when revenge was sweet?

We know on this lapidary sentence Jankélévitch” forgiveness died in the death camps ”
.We reply that we must not confuse the imprescriptible and impardonnable.L’imprescriptible, affirmed. .. emphatically the duty of memory quePaul Ricoeur justifies as follows “if it is a duty of memory is under debt, reversing the memory into the future, sets strict memory to the future: thou remember! you will not forget! ”
the unforgivable, he takes us on a tour memory to the past.
the man remains a prisoner of its irreversibility.

I wonder what may be a “sweet revenge” and there is no back there a little sadism satisfied. I do not practice revenge or forgiveness, I can possibly “practice” (if speak) oblivion if the person then behaves in a way that I find humane and honorable. It would be rid of all these notions while a Catholic subtext that blurs understanding.

Let us be clear. We have the right and even the duty to forgive an enemy … after floored. So there is no contradiction between retaliate in the most ruthless manner and forgive after the response. Now that we have put our Teutonic enemies knees, and that we could reduce their cities to ashes in a day, we leisure forgive them.

Obviously lol, but in this case it is not forgiveness! … to the satisfaction of revenge, to make itself the “justice”.Forgetfulness and relaxation assimilate with forgiveness, but are not .. * Find dignity in avenging always creates damage, if it is not the time, but later surely. The true dignity is found in forgiving. But of course, if that is the case, always restore the truth, recover what is to recover, put things in their place, it’s not revenge.

.As dumb as it seem I say. “God forgives, not me” I know, it is the title of a film of the great masters of Western, but from my point of view, I say yes.
We must stop saying bullshit me from the Bible saying, “Forgive those who have sinned against you, etc … ”
I was bathed in this religion from a young age. But all is hogwash and monumental hoax.

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