My husband has a bad breath help me?

I am 6 months pregnant I take my pregnancy as an excuse not to go near it but the truth is that I can not stand the smell that emanates from his mouth.
 I certainly can not him not to say the vexer.Je just want to have a cure or the name of a product that sells for says it has small holes and teeth when he eats foods fall into these and all in the spaces between one tooth to another. he too like toothpicks and for me it improves them all. Please give me a solution I can not stand it because even he tells me I’m taking back 2km.  Knowing better and especially its food and hygiene habits you can help to get rid of? How to treat bad breath The good news is that for those who suffer from halitosis, many of the causes can be eliminated simply and efficiently using natural and safe techniques. 1. The first rule is to clean your digestive tract. Add more fiber to your daily diet: take a c. Psyllium tablespoons in a glass of water morning and night to clean the colon. 2.Drink six to eight glasses of pure water per day; helps prevent dehydration and you will help your body eliminate toxins. (Making sure you eat every day foods that contain lots of fiber and water – like salads, vegetables raw or steamed, shoots and beans – you ensure you meet the first two rules). 3. Take a daily supplement of lactobacillus acidophilus available in health stores or consume products containing as kefir and plain yogurt. These good bacteria will help your digestion and eliminate the bad bacteria that produce foul-smelling gases. 4. Avoid the consumption of non-natural foods: salt, refined sugar and white flour ferment in the intestines producing harmful gases. 5. Reduce your intake of red meat, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and fried foods. 6. Never eat immediately before bedtime. Give your body a chance to digest your food before you fall asleep. 7. Drink green energy drinks (Greens +, etc.) every day: they contain chlorophyll which is effective to curb bad breath. 8. Finally, keep your teeth and gums clean by brushing and flossing daily. Also scrape your tongue.  I know C is not easy but it’s necessary … or still foresee ticking mint and hands him one or two from time to time he will understand! and if he says to you: I stink of the mouth or what !? ! ….. Ben now that you said there is a fairly effective trick is c cb 12 pharmacy, but the bottle is noted c: against bad breath! then is what he smoke? drinking? is what he changed his diet? c is recent? n before you’ve ever noticed that? a turn in the dental hygienist s been necessary too! 

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