This morning I found out that my son was shaving the legs and torso … should I worry?

Yet he does not bike or bodybuilding … I’m starting to worry about his sexual orientation, especially since I found that his friend Stanislas is very tender with him two real small chicks !!! I always dreamed of being a grandpa and I think my dream will not come true because of him, I want him! I hope at least that it is he who is the home when they fricotent … help me, I’m clueless. A good conversation is essential genes or without taboos. The sexual orientation of your son relates that he and he alone, is his way of being, it is his personality that is revealed in the open. You can not force someone to be straight or gay, even if it bothers you. In life, there are surprises bonnes.Vous more or less should not blame him simply because you want to become grandpa one day and that your son does not follow the pattern prévu.Ce would be pure selfishness is your son, he always will.

Accept his choice, is to love him, respect him and make him happy to know that you are always there for him.BUT, if he shaves his legs and torso, this does not mean that he is gay, many men now take care of their body (hair removal is not just reserved for women). Go talk to him between four eyes and without nervousness. Good day!  Many things shocked me in your question .. after
especially the macho clichés side and the image you have of the man sylvia ..the answer is a bit tight again this term metro (just daily grind) pkoi not “uber” sexual laughter … ..
a board that is less than you but you wanna whether the aid has to be what he needs or wants to be what it is above all the role of a father for the rest (father grandfather etc) … only the GST brings real answers ….
brief you discuss what is best …
good luck …  But that do not mean anything that !!

Maybe he wants to look like Brad Pitt with his all smooth chest … And if he is gay what it can do, it is not his fault, he did not choose. We must evolve dear sir, that you should most shocking two men who love each other! At least, try to approch him about it first I understand but you know if you decide to talk to you about him it is important not to judge him.
You may arguing seriously, it’s never easy to learn that a family member is gay.
Catch it between 4 eyes and you tell him I saw you shave your legs and torso (the razor is not good do you rather shaved darling) and it is a moment that I ask myself questions about your sexuality! You want to talk about it well ??
If he confess that he is gay is better for you to be his confidant rather than his nemesis who knows that he can go be e ^.

And especially you abstain from reflections genre you’re the man? Everyone is free to choose his way and then he will do what he want in all cases. Good luck  But you know these days it really is not uncommon for boys take care of them hyper (l “metro-sexual” are called here) and your son will probably heard by girlfriends that puts off a hair here little girls … tt case’re not going to alarm too fast, just ask tt he shaves the jbes and chest tt here!

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