What are you doing to develop the saddle?

It takes very tender saddles, use those of civet. The saddles should be cooked pink. You can use leftover sauce from the stew or sauce to the recipe as shown. If the hare is hunted early in the season, you can accompany tomato blanks. I will say Bergson; he speaks of consciousness with such precision, such intuitiveness, that some of his texts are forever in my heart. “When I walk on my person, supposedly inactive, the inside look of my consciousness, I saw first and a solidified crust on the surface, all the perceptions that come to him from the material world These perceptions are clear, distinct, juxtaposed or juxtaposed to one another;. they seek to group themselves into objects I then realize souvenirs. more or less adherent to these perceptions and which serve to interpret them; these memories were as detached from the bottom of my person attracted to the periphery by perceptions resembling them; they are laid on me without being absolutely myself and. I feel finally manifest tendencies, motor habits, a host of virtual shares more or less firmly linked to these perceptions and these memories. All these elements with strongly held all forms seem more distinct from me they are more distinct from each other. Facing the inside out, they are gathered, the surface of a sphere which tends to expand and become lost in the external world. But if I pick myself from the periphery to the center, if I look inside me which is the most uniformly, most constantly, most durable myself, I find something else. “(” Thought and moving “Bergson). … but also:”To live for the mind, it is mainly focusing on the act to accomplish. It is therefore fit into things by means of a mechanism which will extract of consciousness all that is usable for the action, even obscuring most of the rest. This is the role of the brain in the memory process: it is not used to keep the past, but to mask first, then leave to shine through what is practically useful. And this is also the role vis-à-vis the brain of the mind in general. Exuding the spirit which is in extériorisable, move, inserting mind in this context engine, it leads most often to limit his vision, but also to make its effective action. This means that the mind beyond the brain from all sides, and that brain activity meets only a tiny part of the mental activity. But it is also said that the life of the spirit can not be an effect of the life of the body, everything goes rather as if the body was used by the mind …For me it is Bergson. His reflection on the psychological me intuition of life, his moral open creative geniuses really opens the way for modern and future philosophy; The ballopied, which allows him to never change the channel (TF1) and order your meal-carton screaming fun
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