What do you do as a sport?

fesais time I ride a bike and all styles of mechanical sports Gogging also …… …… and here I ca does absolutely nothing I done already enough daily
traffic jams with pedeles of the car and the race against time with a walk walk parce_que I park the car far from the place I want to go etc ….
PS: Please no kidding ‘loves all co and individual sports. I am a former teacher of eps. I practice a lot football, swimming and jogging three times a week with fitness. Always in shape. Sports cerebral !!! I am sports TV especially sports related to the mountain, swimming, beach last ball of the day I look at some good friendships all evening !!!!Good evening, this question has already been asked but I would like some serious ..
With weight training 3 times a week (1h45) how soon I could get to that level? What should I do besides bodybuilding? I say not exactly the same, at roughly (because I think that the photo be retouched without the comtper illegal products ..). Thanks in advance .This is the AC bodybuilding? So it’s 5-6 sessions a week, a program made ​​by a square and specualiste plsuieurs years of work, deprivation of food and everything …Not to mention that if you arrested, ca also disappears dry .

Already and a you can not train the pecs you 3 times a week so you’re quickly fixé.De 2 PEOPLE can not tell you how long because as the first post says everyone is more différent.De it all depends on your diet, your lifestyle, your sleep, the intensity of your work.
No need to do more than strength training to get to that but it’s perfectly clear that you do not get that in two or three months, rather in 1 year! Stop with doping products, you talk without knowing sérieux..Commence already learn by what is bodybuilding and naturally we can get because it’s pathetic force . Bunnies thing you say too quoi..C’est not any bodybuilding will then inform you for not commencer.Pas need 5 to 6 sessions for info for your muscle can be applied as many times a week in training! And no you do not lose everything if you stop then will buy you a brain! 

The metabolism of everyone made a lot unfortunately, and it depends on your current physical. However, if you work for the gonflette esthetism only, not like combat sports, or the abs work differently, a rate of 3 times per week 2 hours, you should already no longer recognize you in a year. I was anti protein base, but I leave you alone to judge, because many in the muscu, prey to “feed” the muscle, which otherwise, after a time, seems not to “take”. It’s totally legal, common, commonplace, although in some manners, considered a doping tolerated.

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