What do you think of bodybuilding?

everything you say is true. I practice bodybuilding. bodybuilders are not people who have nothing in the head; these are normal people are those who are beasts are some who are very smart as the rest of monde.Par ex pa schwarzenegger is all beast he went to law studies and had father who diplomes.Mon Bodybuilding practice since the age of 19 years (today it is 47 years old) connaisait a guy who was in and who was super big guy, he was an engineer in a big box and was far from being not because con.c’est we practice the sport that it is designed; it means absolutely nothing. C a sport like any other: at that time all other sports n ‘have nothing in the skull !! For example, why would break the record in the 100m athletics, it serves koi ?? Pourkoi want at all costs to get a balloon in cages ?? While muscu; it is the contrary and say pa aporte it full of health problem (eh JP), except for those who dope fond.Au contrary it helps to have a good bone squellette to good muscles (which serve all the time) good joints and many other allows trucs.ça to remain in very good health!

answer:Merieim: to develop strength you have the power lifting … Strength training will say that it is maintenance …. Bodybuilding bodybuilding … or (the term is more speaking) c is to build a body … including the one desired .. In men category you fitness, men’s classic (bodyfitness) and body … for example, where physical differ In women you have the bikinis (new category … not really sports), fitness (in their choreography where they are asked gymnastic figures), the bodyfitness and bodybuildeuses (or muscular women) …. judging criteria are obviously here also completely different, question of muscle mass, dry …. Uh … not agree with the relationship bodybuilder /compétition….je not know a lot of guys who have the criteria to get on the podium yet they do not. I lift weights for 18 years (since I arrété widower feel like anything) I will say that the difference is in doping. To become a champion in one way or another it is necessary to dope.Bodybuilding is more than the volume of competition and drawing muscle while training is a more general term which includes bodybuilding, powerlifting, the hatérophile, fitness, ect 

A bodybuilder takes a girl in his room, installs it on the bed, and began a striptease.
Every time he takes away a garment he shows one of his muscles and said, you know that’s . dynamite
It begins with his biceps: dynamite,
then his chest: dynamite,
He lists them all.
dynamite. He ended up his thighs, dynamite
And when he removes her panties, the daughter asks, but tell me it’s not dangerous as dynamite with a small wick?

Well well for me for me This is a blond in a plane that monopolized a place in first class who obviously was not his. The hostess kindly asked him to join the place assigned to it but nothing to the woman refuses and say “no no no I’m blonde I’m rich and I do what I like!” The Hostess was powerless Women called to the first officer determined hoping it more deterrent it. But nothing to do …. no “no no no I’m blonde I’m rich and I do what I like!” The driver himself moves and converse a moment with her. Immediately the woman: “Ah, but I knew had to say no politely and then leaves his seat and goes to sit belowthe stunned team questioned the pilot The pilot” asked or did J’lui what she was going, she said New York. Yes ma’am but first class is going to Seattle to New York is the 2nd class background … Not bad ….! In the compartment of a train, a man carrying two babies, one in each arm. A woman moves ahead and starts the conversation ?: ‘What beautiful babies! How are they called? The man launches annoyed look and the lady replied: ”. I do not know the lady stillcontinues:? These are little boys or little girls’ Man looks even more annoyed and replies. ‘I do not know’ Woman: ‘But, what kind of father are you? “The man replies:’ I am not their father, I am representing them and condoms , two ‘complaints’ I’ll drop to management!’

Okay Guy A young man called pink-mail. On the phone, a charming vix replied. The young man, attracted to the point and asks her measurements. The woman replies: -90-60-90. The young man delighted groans of satisfaction. It was then that the young woman, flattered by this enthusiasm, retorted: – And wait, that’s not all, it’s the same for the left leg!

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