What is protein and creatine box?

Creatine is an affair of three amino acids …. Despite the crap (sorry) I just read again, creatine Well you are in factories every day because your body naturally synthesizes the, you eat in every day if you consume red meat and especially beef. Creatine box, is making more water retention than new capsules formula (kre Alkalyn which is better absorbed by the body). And no, the frabricants not fuck more than anabolic steroids in that creatine in proteins, frankly it’s totally stupid to believe this, for the purchase called anabolic products and put them in food supplements, they would cost a pretty expensive (and this verait on the price of products, and there thy pot of 120 capsules kre Alkalyn Creatine you would pay 30 euros not but 150 200 euros lol), but again, I think this type of product is quite monitored by the authorities required. Finally stereotypes and ingrained beliefs unfounded but having a hard time …. So this can help you some already in protein should you to take a gainer (mass genres gainer, massa stuff etc) because they are rich in proteins, carbohydrates and lipids), creatine, will you take a little muscle and water, but know that without exercise, it will not lean mass (muscles), but a little of everything (muscles, water, fat). After we should also see your specifics (eg if you do not have a thyroid disorder, your heredity, your current diet, if you are stressed or not etc etc, there are a lot of factors that come into play) …

As aptly described in your text there are some basic rules to follow … We are not obliged to fall into paranoia either … It’s not because you stroke a cat that is going to nab. And then wash your hands after changing a litter even pregnant I do :-) Well you cats that not concern you I know not love you …
3 births per year It is very reassuring to see the entire study elsewhere and it is clear that while medicine has made ​​tremendous progress during the risk 0 grossess will never exist.
Everything will be fine for you I’m sure proof your two beautiful children!
@ dding I love red meat when I knew that I was immune I celebrated it before a prime rib!
re yeah but what do you as doctors we continue to fuck the shit … At the same am not sure that I have not eaten red meat throughout my pregnancy if I had not been immunized . some of his arguments are very valid … But to say that the treatment of seroconversion causes more harm than benefit, I find it a bit much!
I also find it important to date the time of seroconversion during pregnancy, and that AC assesses the risk of transmission and severity of potential sequelae. And adjust the treatment during pregnancy and monitoring of the newborn. There is still 1% of non-immune pregnant women who seroconverted during pregnancy (figure french …) 

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