What is the origin of the insulin peak appearing in the late afternoon?

Pedrocarras! So if I understand this peak about 4-5 hours after lunch, which is not due to intake of sugar, just a temporary decrease in insulin because the distance from the meal. Sugar is released into the blood (eg to finish digestion and complete its afternoon organs were “hungry”)., Resulting in a rebound of insulin I suppose the decline of cortisol which you speak in my other question has to limit the rebound. Suddenly, the sugar must fail because the sugar is absorbed from the south, but the ability to make a contribution “endogenous” is shrinking due to lower cortisol. This should allow a moderate taste, hunger more than a severe hypoglycemia by too strong rebound of insulin … Since cortisol has a circadian rhythm, it really necessary that I find a normal sleep cycle!   In people without diabetes, the pancreas makes insulin during digestion of meals, and it also manufactures without food and night but less significantly. At mealtime, the peaks Insulin causes the reservation, in the liver and muscles, sugar brought by food. In between meals and at night, decreased insulin allows sugar release that was put in reserve in the liver after meals. This mechanism allows only eat three times a day, when the body’s cells need sugar round the clock to work. About half of the insulin is manufactured without food and the other half is manufactured at mealtime. The needs in between meals, or during a day of fasting, usually of 0.35 units per kilogram of weight per day. At meals, amount of insulin produced by the pancreas is more or less important according to the amount of food that turns into sugar. If eaten between meals, there is also producing extra insulin at that time.  Not easy either send it to the dentist …
It is best to first try to talk with him gently: “For some time, something bothers me …
“The causes can be varied. Maybe the food residues that remain trapped, gum problems, a language loaded … Things that happen to many people.
I’m sure he will be relieved that you can talk about it and then you will find the solution together.  In addition to oral hygiene necessary, a dental visit (because the presence of calculus and / or caries can have this sickening effect), it is useful to add fresh or powdered ginger to food.For treatment of attack: Ginger Infusion: Fresh root 120gr; Grate or finely chop the peeled root after; 1,5l plunge into boiling water; infuse for 15 or 20 minutes; let cool; drink 2 glasses / day; Store in a refrigerator. Ginger promotes good digestion and “cleans” soft stomach and intestines. If the taste of ginger repels you can give him capsules purchased in specialty stores or bio or pharmacy. Good day. 

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