Write new: rules to follow? Thank you !?

Here is a text of Jean-Noël BLANC who can help you NEW OR FACE sharp HUMAN SHAPE The news is a short text Brevity is a matter of nerves, muscles and accurate. Nothing to do with the strength exercises which condemn the 500 pages of a “bestseller” for the summer, when the writing is writing that bodybuilding is to culture. The new is a more sporty type She has a sharp face of the man in form, as they say in “Team”.Write First remove Condenser Can Rewrite Erase Correct excess stop when there…… nothing more to take away. For fear of being talkative, scratching the sentence to the bone.To say the least to suggest the most. The new diet as literature. For some, the new akin to floor gymnastics : every movement, enclosed in a limited time, find their meaning and culminated in the perfection of beauty out of the fall are measures the value of all the work..

Sometimes the fall is spin. Sometimes it has more . Severity: it breaks something I prefer for my part another metaphor. modest means, saving gestures force of the Treaty, Track correctness – the liveliness of the new sketch is that of A touch of color, an indication line, the trajectory of a movement that is emerging, the statement of taking attitude of a stroke, removed the character of a sketch, and all is said. The bewildered gesture is retained, the emotion is captured: there shock in the art of the news. If it is successful, the text has the clarity of a copper engraving: openness, accuracy and audacity of a first draft, without there appear the slightest repentance. The line bites. So drypoint avoids drought. A dream happens, the emotion it sounds, muted. No other secret that the bite of the line. The ideal: the text of the new starts to work the drive, insidiously. That is to say that the text works, and remains in the mouth long after playback. That despite the word “end” we will not forget at the end. That the new make his little new work, in short.

What do you think ?

You made ​​a very good choice, I too am Brazilian Juji-tsu. The Brazilian juji-tsu was for me a discovery ssibilité injury. Even if the performance of Juji-tsu techniques themselves do require little effort as they use the principle point of support and the lever controlling the fight opponent’s body so that it requires a little more strength. Personally I do weight training to develop strong muscles not that of a bodybuilding but a strong musculature. I do two kinds of exercises: to develop a brute force and the other to develop strength endurance during exercise. A brute force that wants explosive but short endurance and strength to the effort that it wants a long-term strength. The explosive force allows you to get out of a perilous situation and endurance strength allows you to be strong and to force the beginning to the end of combat.

Good Juji-tsu Note: Both exercises that I practice and that I advise you not recommended by a stranger on the internet like me but recommended by Victor Belfort UFC Champion, Brazilian expert Juji-tsu and a former member of fighters team representing the Brazilian Gracie Academy Juji-tsu led Brazil by a member of the famous Gracie family whose patriarch Hellio Gracie is the founder of the Brazilian Juji-tsu, as you see this advice does not come from a complete stranger on the internet like me but a great expert and champion juji Brazilian -tsu. PS if you are not very familiar with the operation of the two types of exercises, mention it to me at the bottom of your question and I would give you some additional information. Additional information There are 3 ways to s ” train with weights. 1- to develop a large explosive force 2-to develop big muscles inflated 3-to develop high endurance strength 1- To develop a large explosive force: It is used by training weightlifters who participate in Olympic games, their workouts can develop a very large explosive force, they malgrès not have big muscles like bodybuilders are much stronger and raise them much heavier weight them. They are capable of lifting very heavy weight of a single pulse. This type of force is very useful for practitioners Juji-tsu when you guys fight with 90kg that you must move and move. Their training is to use heavyweight but by very short series of 2 to 32- bodybuilders them use much lighter weight and making sets of 12 to 15. They have big muscles but they do not have a large explosive force and not an endurance strength. They are running out very quickly. 3- To develop strength endurance we use lighter weights but making long runs. Victor Belfort spoke of series 50 is the number of series that I use myself.

This allows you to quickly develop strength endurance that you can use throughout the fight from beginning to end or in other words you can force long without exhausting. At first slowly starts increasing slightly just your weight for the development of large explosive force and gradually increasing your series even for the development of endurance strength. Information about you from a gym instructor. . to run in safety Note: -For the great explosive force we use heavy loads in very small series 2-3. – for endurance strength we use smaller or lighter weights that bodybuilders but very long series.

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